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MARRIOTT: Suffolk to Tasmania


Compiled by Wayne & Marie McCulloch

  At the time of compiling this account of Ellis or Elias Marriott (hereon written as Elias) and his Tasmanian descendants, information has been traced as far as 1797 in Eye, County of Suffolk, England. Working back through the records to a brother and sister. Elias 1st,   married Mary Nunn 19/12/1797 and Elizabeth married William Hines 05/08/1797, both at Eye, Suffolk It is this Elias Marriott whose descendants settled in Tasmania's Derwent Valley. There will be information added regarding what is known of the descendants of Elizabeth. It was common to give Christian names to children the same as other relatives, and this gives rise to some confusion and takes a lot of research and logical surmising to put the pieces of information together. Elias and Mary had a daughter named Lucy who gave birth to Elias 2nd -Marriott who was baptised 11/01/1818 in Eye, Suffolk. Lucy married James Hines (1st cousin) 22/08/1820 in Eye, Suffolk. Hence the convict records that state "Marriott alias Hines". He reverted to his mother's maiden name.

  Living standards in Britain at this time were difficult for all but the gentry and wealthy. It appears that Lucy and James were born into the category of hard working, struggling lower middle class. This is surmised from their adherence to baptismal and marriage rights on record and their being able to sign legal documents denotes that they had some formal education.

  ELIAS MARRIOTT, alias Hines (son of Lucy), was tried in the Suffolk Courts on the 20th October, 1837, for house breaking. He was sentenced to Van Dieman's Land Penal colony for 14 years hard labour. He arrived in Hobart Town aboard the "Augusta Jessie" in 1838 to serve his sentence. On arrival his trade was listed as being a carpenter. From December 1838 until June 1842 he served his sentence in Hobart Town working on the Custom House Gang. In reading his conduct report, one could imagine that he was strong-willed and rebellious. During his time in Hobart Town he was charged with additional punishment for being absent without leave, drunk, misconduct, absconding, being disorderly, and for being in possession of a half-crown. For these misdemeanours he received solitary confinement, bread and water, hard labour in chains, 36 lashes, 14 days on the tread wheel, and additional time added to his original sentence. All of this resulted in him being removed and taken to the Port Arthur Penitentiary. After six months at Port Arthur, he had two more counts of misconduct and his sentence was extended for another three months. His rebellious behaviour had mellowed slightly as he was rewarded by being transferred back to Hobart Town to work on the Public Works Gang. Twelve months later he absconded and had his existing sentence extended by 18 months and was returned to Port Arthur on probation. Ten years later and nearing the end of his sentence he was transferred from Port Arthur to serve 3 months in the Royal Engineers Yard before qualifying for a Probation Pass and early in 1847, he was granted a Ticket-of-Leave…He wasted no time in applying to marry Mary Laird (nee McKay),convict, born 1815, Edinburgh, Scotland. It is not difficult to suppose that the many times of being absent without leave and absconding, that Mary was some part of these escapades. On 05/04/1847 Elias 2nd, and Mary were married at Bethesda, St Georges District, Hobart. Elias's employment was still listed as carpenter.


  It is on record that Mary gave birth to a son in 1848. It is an assumption that this child was named James. Oral comment has been sourced that there were recollections of James being a "sickly child'. There are two possibilities, he may have died as a young child, in which case there are no records or secondly a theory where the dates match - The death of a James Marriott in 1907, aged 59 years. He was listed as working as a labourer at a charitable institution in New Town. This is high possibility but there is no other evidence. Robert was born 26/01/1851 at Barrack Street, Hobart. And it was about this time that Elias and Mary headed for the goldfields in Victoria. Lucy was born in 1852-53 (?) and Mary died, most probably in childbirth. Elias returned home with his young family Robert and Lucy. From1853-1862 he owned land at Sandy Bay.

  It is also on record that Elias, in 1860, aged 42 years listed as a carpenter and a joiner, married Martha Gray Farmer at Francis Street, Hobart according to the Church of Scotland (Presbyterian). Elias's children by his first marriage would now have been James -12 (no records), Robert-10, Lucy-8 There is no evidence of any children from this second marriage. They resided at Glenora - Bushy Park where they had a shop.It is believed now to be a renovated home just west of the swimming pool.




  On 28/04/1870 Robert married Matilda Blanche Fenton at the residence of Reverend Simmons, 287 Liverpool Street, Hobart - according to the Congregational Church. Robert and Matilda lived in the River Styx and Uxbridge area where their four children were born:

Elias 3rd, 16/10/1870 at the Falls, Glenora.

Mary, 04/12/1872

Robert, 09/12/1874

Charles, 28/08/1876 at the River Styx, New Norfolk District          

  Two days before their seventh wedding anniversary, Matilda developed an abscess in the ear and was taken by bullock dray from Uxbridge to obtain medical treatment. She was lying the wrong way when the abscess burst and she died. The children were now 6, 4, 3, years and 7 months old. Many family members remarked on seeing photos of Matilda Blanche of how beautiful she was. Whilst Robert continued as a carrier and farmer, it must have been very difficult to care for his four young children. He employed Louisa Busch to care for the children and sixteen months after the death of Matilda he married Louisa Busch at New Norfolk according to the Wesleyan Church.

  Louisa was the daughter of Andrew and Wilhelimenia Busch who arrived in Van Dieman's Land aboard the ship "Wilhelmanburg" from Hamburg May 19th 1855.

Children listed: Christopher 10yrs, Louisa 8yrs, August 6yrs, Maria 4yrs, Francis 6 months. Andrew Busch was an employee of the owner of the Glenora Hotel and is listed as the licensed victualler. There are discrepancies in regards to the correct spelling of the surname. The 'c' may have been dropped due to some discrimination towards "foreigners". Several family members (now deceased) recalled a close association with the Bush Inn - could have been Busch, at New Norfolk. This establishment is renowned as the oldest operational  licensed hotel in Australia.

  Robert and Louisa lived at Glenora where Elias and Martha ran the general store and the mail contract from Glenora to New Norfolk until the opening of the Derwent Valley Railway in 1888. (In 1881 Elias aged  63 years, died at Glenora from general debility of the stomach, his 2nd wife Martha, seven yrs later married a William Russell.) Robert and Louisa moved to Tyenna in 1890 with the four  children of   Robert and Matilda Blanche:  Elias 3rd , Mary, Robert Jnr, Charles and children of Robert and Louisa:  

            Percival, 24/07/1879

            Archibald, 09/06/1881

            Frank, 09/12/1882

            Douglas, 13/11/1884

            Kenneth, 06/06/1887

            Dudley, 21/02/1890

Robert carried the mail on horseback from Glenora to Tyenna. Later when the railway was extended he went to National Park to collect it.

Robert Marriott Snr  and his family went on to make their name in the Derwent Valley as true Pioneers.  (More)

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